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what we do

What we do

At BCR Energy & Carbon Services Ltd (BCR-ECS), our sole focus is to provide businesses with a structured approach to energy and carbon management, providing energy strategies, management, technical advice and solutions to improve efficiencies, build optimisation and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our aim is to build long-standing business relationships and assist with all your energy requirements to drive sustainability, futureproof your business and help your business meet its environmental goals.

With over 13 years of experience, our energy managers are at the forefront of industry knowledge and have worked with clients to provide solutions across a range of industry sectors and business activities. From new gas connections for major UK food brands to metering and data analysis for multi-site retail chains, factory site feasibility studies or significant power upgrades in difficult city centre developments, BCR-ECS is fully equipped to deliver the right solution to meet your business requirements and provide a full end-to-end energy service.

Recent projects vary from a simple meter installation where the client had been without connection for six months (BCR-ECS resolved this within 14 days), and briefing land developers on frequency response capability for a multi-million-pound battery storage centre, to organising a metering strategy to give in-depth consumption visibility for a distillery group and proposing an energy efficient room system for a 5* hotel.

Should you choose to work with us, we will provide independent and impartial advice helping you to make informed decisions and ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. We look forward to working with you to get the job done. 


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