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energy Procurement 


Energy Management is complemented by our Energy Procurement services. Energy costs not only constitute a significant percentage of a company’s overheads, but sourcing the right energy contract for your company and managing the billing can take up a considerable amount of your time and resources.

Our Energy Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage your energy procurement process, auditing your bills, analysing any hidden costs and negotiating contracts on your behalf. This ensures you receive the best deal for your business and frees up resources to concentrate on other requirements.


A number of factors affects the pricing of your company’s electricity supply, from its size and industry sector, through to where it is located and your consumption levels. Our Energy Consultants provide an end-to-end Energy Procurement service, offering advice, tendering, negotiations and the handling of all associated paperwork. This full account management service takes the pain out of procurement and ensures you never miss a renewal date.


The commercial gas market is complex and suitable knowledge plus an efficient purchasing system are required to navigate the complexities and secure the correct tariff for your business. We offer a complimentary gas cost reduction review to any type of business, which will ascertain where your company can potentially save money on its gas supply. We find the best tariff for you and manage all aspects of switching your contracts.

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