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Our Energy Strategy 

Our Energy Strategy

Why do businesses need an Energy Strategy?

Companies of all types are under increasing pressure to become more energy-efficient for many reasons, including cost reduction, reducing their carbon footprint, complying with the latest environmental legislation and improving the organisation’s sustainable credentials.

Our Energy Consultants at BCR-ECS have unparalleled experience in developing comprehensive, long-term energy strategies tailored to each company’s individual needs. We will work with you and your team to understand your business goals, where you can optimise your energy systems, implement relevant initiatives and assess their impact.

The five stages of our Energy Strategy

1. Understand and measure

We take time to understand the rationale behind your company’s need to improve efficiency and the steps required to achieve your goals. Perhaps your business is increasing its focus on developing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, re-forecasting its energy budget to manage exponential rises in electricity non-commodity costs, or finding a need to become more process efficient.

Our Energy Consultants then measure your existing processes, functions and consumptions to establish a baseload for comparison. We advocate using a simple, uniform method to avoid inaccuracies.

2. Involve and engage

The next stage is to involve all stakeholders in the strategy and ascertain whether they have any ideas to contribute. We can also help you to translate an existing generalised energy strategy policy for your business, and to instil the new values in your people. We encourage you to engage with staff throughout your organisation about your push for efficiency, providing them with targets, rewarding ideas and assigning divisional ‘leaders’ to drive the strategy forward.

3. Optimise

Prior to looking at implementing any energy-saving initiatives, it is important to optimise your existing infrastructure and resources. We can help you to establish quick, low-cost wins which will provide a more relevant figure for any schemes that require an ROI measurement.

4. Prioritise and implement

Our Energy Consultants will help you prioritise which systems might reap the most reward for the smallest investment, and those that are most appropriate for the organisation and staff. We can also guide you on the provision of renewables and other low carbon and assistive technologies that will make your strategy a success.

It is important to implement any new energy initiatives with careful consideration for your procurement strategy, making sure you do not breach any supplier terms. We suggest that your energy and carbon consumption is carefully forecasted and planned for year-on-year reduction benefits, as investment in significant carbon reduction could leave you with little funds if Government-imposed schemes call for further reduction.

5. Review

The final stage is an ongoing review of the schemes your business has implemented to gauge their success. We suggest you record all initiatives, the ROI and levels of carbon reduction achieved. Ensure to plan future projects based on these accomplishments and communicate the successes to the board and your customers to help raise your company profile and encourage increased revenue.

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