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BCR Energy & Carbon Services and our sister company BCR Associates have recently achieved ISO 9001 certification for which we are extremely proud. This worldwide standard requires that certified organisations implement robust Quality Management systems reaching across all areas of the business, ensuring that quality and excellence is maintained throughout and improvements are continually sought.

At BCR-ECS our ethos has always been to demonstrate best practice both in the advice we give to businesses and the way in which our own organisation is run. The ISO 9001 certification is therefore a reflection of the principles that underpin our company.

The ISO 14001 certification provides a framework for companies to implement an effective Environmental Management system. This structure helps certified organisations to mitigate their negative environmental impact, comply with relevant regulations and continue to make improvements into the future.

Having recently achieved ISO 14001 certification, we are honoured that our green credentials have been recognised. We are also committed to sharing our experience in this area with our clients to offer them opportunities to become more sustainable.


BCR-ECS and its senior management team are members of a number of key energy industry-focused organisations:

  • Energy Institute (EI): acts on behalf of the energy industry supporting individuals and companies globally with knowledge, skills and professional development, with the goal of creating a sustainable energy system
  • Energy Managers Association (EMA): an organisation that represents energy management professionals, promoting the role within British business to facilitate the UK meeting its energy targets, establishing best practice and helping to influence legislation
  • Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE): the voice of the Building Services Engineering profession which supports its members with training, information and best practice advice around construction, engineering and sustainability


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