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Gas infrastructure

Gas Infrastructure

Due to the complexity of logistics and involvement of many different parties, businesses often overlook the amount of work and technicalities that can be associated with the installation and connection of supplies. We understand the complications and challenges businesses may face in dealing with the gas industry, contractors, M&E consultants, engineers and planning teams.

How we can help your business

With over 10 years’ experience delivering gas infrastructure, BCR-ECS offers an end-to-end service. We provide expert advice and project management to ensure the smooth delivery of your project, with cost-effective solutions, whilst meeting your business requirements to time and budget.

Whether you are looking for a new connection, supply, meter upgrade or data capture, we are here to help.

Our services

Dependent on your business requirements, BCR-ECS can provide the following services:

  • Feasibility study – prior to committing to a new site or purchasing additional equipment, BCR-ECS can report on the options and cost of gas supply sufficient for your plans. Mains or LPG, upgrades or new supply routes, an early desktop study can avoid expensive mistakes.
  • New connections – even small projects can be quite complex with multiple parties involved. To avoid lengthy delays use BCR-ECS' Energy Managers to take the project management off your desk and deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Infrastructure upgrades and increased gas loads - where you need to increase the capacity as your business grows, or changes its requirements, BCR-ECS will evaluate your gas loads and network access and capacity. We will report on your options and work with you to carry out works with minimal disruption to the existing supply to your business. 
  • ‘No-dig’ advanced installation – where possible BCR-ECS will minimise costs using advanced ‘no-dig’ engineering to tunnel through soft routes to your business. Reducing ‘dig-time’ reduces disruption and allows us to install across more challenging ground, faster and at a lower cost.


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