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Energy Management SERVICES

Energy Management

While businesses are starting to understand the potential benefits of better energy management, many are still struggling to find time to focus on their energy usage or have the knowledge to identify practical measures that return substantial savings.


Whether you choose to hire an in-house Energy Manager or employ a consultant, having an in-depth energy Management plan in place will help your business to optimise energy usage, identify areas where savings can be made and costs can be controlled and reduced and ultimately help you to achieve business growth. BCR-ECS can offer your business an all-encompassing service which can be deployed via either a consultancy agreement or on a case by case project basis as required, working alongside you Energy Manager, providing your business with the skills and focus required.

To find out more about our Energy Management consultancy service, contact us today on 03300 245 535 or info@bcrassociates.co.uk.


Our ENergy management consultancy service 

Working with your energy manager Project-based consultancy
  • Our Energy Management Consultant(s) will work alongside your in-house Energy Manager to provide an ongoing strategic approach to energy and carbon management, driving down usage, emissions and ensuring compliance.
  • We will continually provide a platform for advice, review, and monitoring and deliver updates at board level on the position of your business' energy and carbon strategy, investments and budgets to help your business meet its goals.
  • We can deliver all of BCR-ECS' services from advising to implementation, as well as project management of new or improved systems.
  • Our Energy Management consultancy packages and fees are tailored to your company’s requirements and support levels.
  • Depending on your business requirements, our consultancy option is designed to deliver a fee-based service to meet the needs of your business, support your on-site staff and deliver bespoke solutions as and when you need them.
  • Whether you are looking for a specific product or solution, project management, or an audit to identify key savings, BCR-ECS is here to help.
  • We provide expertise across all areas and independent advice to ensure you receive the best service available.
  • Our full range of services are available through this agreement.
  • Our experts will also provide guidance on government regulation such as ESOS and SECR and help ensure compliance.
  • Our Energy Management consultancy fees are individually costed depending on your specific business requirements.

How we can help your business

Whether you are looking for ongoing management of your energy, expert advice or a one-off solution, our Energy Management consultants are experts in optimising energy infrastructure and efficiency measures.

What this means for your company

Our team will work with your business to collect and analyse a range of energy data from multiple meter points, develop and implement an energy strategy, and identify any opportunities and key savings for your business. We will provide an end-to-end service, with the aim to improve performance, help your business maximise return on investment and meet its environmental and CSR goals.

BCR-ECS’ objective is to build long-term relationships and be your first port of call to guide you through your energy strategy. For help with Energy Management services within your business, contact us today on 03300 245 535 or info@bcrassociates.co.uk.


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