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Energy Management

Why is energy management important?

For an organisation where energy is a strategic spend, it is important to measure and monitor usage accurately. In some companies energy can be second only to staff or raw material costs, yet typically does not have the robust monitoring or procedures in place that other cost centres benefit from. Using a range of Energy Management techniques can help you to control costs and identify areas where savings can be made.

how can you manage what you do not measure?

In the UK, businesses have their energy supplied through around 2.1 million electricity and around 1.4 million gas main meters of varying ages and abilities which have traditionally been read once a month. Many of our clients have suffered billing issues and problems that have been considered an everyday occurrence when dealing with energy suppliers. Taking control of your own data could mitigate this and effective metering can eradicate many supplier issues and allow an organisation to comply with future regulation.

For help with Energy Management, contact us today on 03300 245 535 or info@bcrassociates.co.uk.

Which metering system should you use?

To effectively manage your data it is wise to install Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment. AMR enables your energy supplier to read your meters remotely and therefore send you accurate and timely billing, ensuring that energy usage is closely monitored and your costs are kept under control.

Owning your data

Included in your energy costs are payments for collecting and managing your consumption data. Whilst this is accessible from your supplier on request, the data is primarily for the supplier’s use and is of limited value for your own energy management. At BCR-ECS we believe that if you are paying for your data you should be able to benefit from it.

Sub-metering and logging

Monitoring energy at a supply level provides many questions that can be answered by gathering data at a more granular level. Typically, metering would be arranged in descending hierarchy: 
  • Main metering to provide site-level data
  • Distribution board circuit level to monitor areas of a site or equipment e.g. lighting
  • Equipment level monitoring e.g. boilers and motors
Sub-metering allows energy usage to be monitored for individual pieces of equipment or departments, and provide a better understanding of where and why energy performance is poor.

How we can help

BCR-ECS can provide effective metering services that afford tighter controls and benefit a company on many levels:
  • Measure progress against energy efficiency initiatives
  • Enable accurate cost management of supplier bills
  • Understand the distribution of energy consumptions across your organisation
  • Identify issues with equipment or wastage
  • Provide technical data to assist in maintenance
  • Facilitate bureau services
  • Produce environmental reporting data
We can make your data work for you by utilising a ‘data collector’. This will provide you with insightful management information from the main meter to supply a large range of site-level reports. Available through any browser, these reports will allow you to visualise wasteful practices and needless expense, and therefore take appropriate action. 
Taking advantage of our Energy Management Service means you will benefit from having a dedicated Energy Management consultant who will to deploy metering and manage the collection of data for you. With an effective form of measuring and monitoring in place you can use the information to take the appropriate decisions about your energy usage. 
For help with Energy Management, contact us today on 03300 245 535 or info@bcrassociates.co.uk.

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