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Energy efficiency and carbon management


Surveys Audits

surveys and audits

An energy audit is the first step to better energy management.  By identifying how much and how your business uses/wastes energy, you will be able to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce emissions, reach environmental goals, and maximise profits by reducing your bottom line. Our experts can provide your business with a comprehensive analysis of its energy use and how effective your operations and systems are, providing your business with an energy strategy to meet its needs and goals.   

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Metering Data

metering and data 

For an organisation where energy is a strategic spend, it is important to measure and monitor the usage accurately. In some organisations, energy can be second only to staff or raw material costs but typically does not have the robust monitoring or procedures that other cost centres have. BCR-ECS is highly experienced and can cater for all your metering needs. If you are looking for a new meter connection, to upgrade, or for management of your data, we can help you…

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BCR-ECS understands the importance of lighting in the workplace and the detrimental effects it can have if it is not suitable for the activity performed. Businesses frequently make simple mistakes when implementing lighting designs and lighting levels. Whether you are looking for a lighting audit, bespoke design, or the implementation of an energy efficient lighting system, BCR-ECS can provide you with the level of service you require to meet your business needs...

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heating, ventilation and air conditioning

All businesses will have some kind of heating, ventilation or air cooling system, possibly all three depending on the business’ operations and requirements. Making sure these are running efficiently and not against each other can significantly improve energy consumption and reduce associated costs. BCR-ECS’ holistic approach will identify any imbalances, recommend simple solutions and implement any new technologies/control systems to ensure you are keeping costs to a minimum...

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