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Do you need help to install new gas and power connections?

Installing new gas and power connections can be a major stress for any business. Introducing a new connection can be extremely technical and potentially expensive, and successful completion on deadline and on budget can prove challenging.

The main objectives for both gas and power network operators are simply to provide connection services and to maintain and protect the networks, though not necessarily to provide excellent customer service. Many facets are involved in the installation, which may include trenching, traffic management and significant manpower, therefore without timely and appropriate communication the process can become disjointed and cause immense frustration for you, the client. A lack of technical knowledge within the account management teams involved can also add to the stress and result in delays and mistakes being made. All of this can detract from your specific business requirements. 

The range of costs quoted can be quite considerable too, with huge differences between one installation contractor and another. A new connection also has no consumption history and this allows suppliers to command unattractive rates to cover their perceived ‘risk’ of over or under usage, not to mention imposing consumption clauses that penalise over-under usage.

Our installation solution

Our solution to ensure clients receive the right connections and on time is to offer a personal and complete end-to-end service for installations of any size. You will work with a dedicated BCR-ECS Energy Manager who will remain your single point of contact throughout the project and who will explain and guide you through every step of the process. 

Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Feasibility study to identify the correct fuel options
  • Detailed discussion with an experienced specialist to provide the right solution for your company
  • Open market tendering providing competitive costs
  • Dedicated Energy Manager to project manage to completion 
  • Clear explanations and guidance throughout the process
  • Metering and energy management solutions
  • Zero risk supplier contracts and supplier management
  • Operating under the ISO 14001 (Environmental Standard) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) standards
  • Assistance with connection services nationally

We aim to take the hassle out of installing commercial gas and power connections by working closely with you to understand your requirements, source the right solution and drive the project through to completion. This personal and comprehensive service allows you the time to focus on the growth and efficiency of your business. 

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