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New gas connection - how to deal with the challenges your business may face #3

Date December 19th 2018 by in Category Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management

You will hopefully have seen the first two blogs in our series discussing the challenges businesses face when arranging a new gas connection. Now we have looked at the difficulties faced, what is the best way to deal with them and get your new gas supply up and running with the minimum of time and hassle?

The key to this is engaging a recognised energy management expert who has the knowledge and experience to understand your business’ precise connection requirements. No two businesses are the same and a professional in this area will make sure that you get the optimum solution for your organisation.

An energy manager’s first step will be to work closely with you to project as accurately as possible gas usage over the short- and medium-term. This will help to provide the confidence your supplier needs to gauge consumption and thereby reduce risk premiums or penalties it may otherwise wish to impose on your business. Your energy manager should, in fact, always try and ensure your contractual position has zero risk.

Once the exact requirements for the new supply have been ascertained, it is an energy manager’s job to focus solely on your project, using their experience in commercial connections to involve trusted contractors who have a vested interest in providing quality of service at a competitive cost. As project manager, an energy specialist will liaise with all parties involved to expedite the installation and ensure you avoid unnecessary frustration, delays and mistakes.

A new gas connection will always present challenges, but if you deploy the right technical expertise to accurately specify the project and drive it forward, whilst supplying joined up thinking between all parties, these challenges can be easily overcome.

If you would like to talk to a BCR Associates energy specialist about your gas connection needs, please contact us on 03330 433 233.