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New gas connections - how to deal with the challenges your business may face

Date December 5th 2018 by in Category Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management

The amount of work involved in getting your business connected to a new gas supply is often underestimated. Whether you are constructing new premises, developing an existing site or moving to a new property, a process needs to be followed and number of different parties must be involved.

So what challenges can your organisation potentially face when embarking on a new connection and how can you overcome them? We have written a series of blogs looking at the key considerations to help you navigate the process and ensure a successful and speedy installation.

  • Slow and bureaucratic utilities

A new gas installation may involve significant trenching, traffic management and manpower. Utility suppliers have a duty to maintain and protect ‘world class’ networks, but often prioritise major network issues and regulated domestic activity; we find they can be expensive too. Without a specialist focussed on your project, unnecessary and lengthy delays can occur.

  • Lack of technical knowledge and communication

Within large connection companies, standard business gas installations will commonly be handled by a call centre or office-based administrator with minimal technical knowledge and limited ability to sort out any problems. In these scenarios the ‘account manager’ must often have to contact multiple teams simply to access the relevant information and find a solution to the problem. The larger the infrastructure provider, the more distant your connection to those doing the work is likely to become, whilst internal communications between metering and connection teams can often be more fragmented.

Read the second blog in the series here. If you would like to talk to one of our energy managers about your new gas connection please call us on 03330 433 233.