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See the light and switch your business to LED lighting!

Date June 8th 2017 by in Categories Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management, Energy Management

Electricity prices are continuing to rise, with limited resources and increased supply and non-commodity costs driving costs up year on year, experts predict that prices will increase substantially in future years. As overheads go up, the need for businesses to streamline essential spend is becoming more and more prevalent.

Lighting is a crucial component of every business and accounts for almost 20% of energy used in commercial or industrial buildings. Furthermore, lighting can produce significant amounts of heat increasing a buildings’ cooling requirements. Good lighting decisions serve several functions but reducing your energy consumption on lighting alone will make a significant cost saving to your energy bill.

LED lighting is transforming the illumination market and although LED technology has been around for years, new developments have completely changed lighting as we know it. LED lights are highly energy efficient, reliable, and relatively low maintenance in comparison to traditional lighting technologies. Switching to a bespoke LED lighting design could help your business cut overheads with up to 70% savings on your lighting bills.

What is LED lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs pass electrons through a semiconducting device that emits energy when an electrical current passes through it. The energy produced is used to light up multiple tiny diodes which combine and make a single larger light emitter. Minimal electricity is used and unlike traditional lamps, there is no wire filament to heat.

What are the benefits of changing to an LED lighting model?

  • Cost savings –Businesses can see a reduction of up to 70% on their lighting bills.
  • Highly energy efficient - LED’s are 20 times more energy efficient than incandescent lamps and require a fraction of the energy to produce the same amount of light (lux). LED lamps can have a useful life span of up to 20 years.
  • Suitable for all businesses - LED lighting technology offers a design solution for any type of business regardless of building size or sector.  Lighting systems can be tailored to suit your type of business, and are available in a range of colours to suit the application.
  • Return on investment – Although there is an upfront cost for installing the LED technology and lamps, the savings you will make from your electricity bill will quickly cover the initial cost. Further savings can be achieved by installing lighting controls adding another 20% saving.
  • Greater control – LED lighting can be incorporated with technology which provides flexible lighting to meet changing requirements. It’s possible to create several different lighting scenes/modes which are changeable dependant on the activity or requirements. For example, a scene could be created for mood lighting, ‘out of hours’, or the amount of light may change in accordance to the number of people in a room. Greater control allows you to be smart about lighting and save energy.
  • Environmentally friendly – LED lighting has an extremely low carbon footprint and is in-line with the government’s commitment to reduce emissions and in some cases, offer tax relief.
  • Improved working conditions - Poorly maintained lighting systems can result in low productivity which can cost more than the energy. Having the right lighting design can improve productivity, safety, aesthetics and colour rendering along with better controllability and monitoring. 

In my experience a lighting audit is required to ensure your lighting design meets your business requirements, implementing a LED lighting system is not as simple as changing luminaires ‘like for like’ and as the market is not fully regulated there are many products of varying quality and reliability. A certified lighting engineer will be able to determine the correct lighting output and placement design in line with lighting standards and health and safety. We utilise specific lighting design software to determine a full lighting design showing 3D imagining and allows the client to see the design as a simulation prior to installation.  

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