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5 reasons why you should install a water data logger

Date May 31st 2017 by in Category Water Management

The water market opened on 1st April 2017 and industry experts predict that the market may be quite unstable for some time.

Deregulation of the water market has meant that there are more players in the market than ever before, new entrants are emerging whilst old players will have different roles. It’s predicted that the water market will have a bumpy start and we are urging our clients to be aware of potential issues surrounding bill accuracy. You are advised to check your bills thoroughly and query anything you don’t understand or feel could be wrong. 

With such uncertainty in the marketplace and a lack of realistic savings currently available, we recommend that our clients focus on monitoring and conserving usage rather that jumping to switch retailers at this point in time.

In the same way that SMART meters and Automated Meter Readers (AMRs) can be used to measure your energy usage, this technology can also be used to measure water consumption.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why your business should install a water meter reader: 

1.    Control the size of your water bill

Measuring your water consumption will help you to gather your current usage data, this will provide you with a great platform for securing a contract that is right for your business.

2.    Only pay for the water your business actually uses

Water metering will mean that estimated billing will be a thing of the past. Your business will benefit from accurate billing which will allow your Finance Manager/ Director to plan future expenditure and budget accordingly.

3.    Prevent wastage

AMR’s and smart meters allow access to regular reports on your business’ water usage. Reports will demonstrate periods of high usage and will enable managers to implement efficiency strategies where appropriate, keeping your water costs as lean as possible.

4.    Reduce leakage

Data loggers and associated reporting tools will allow you and your management team to keep a close eye on your water consumption. An unexpected increase in usage could point to an issue with escaping water. Effective governance of your water usage will allow you to report any leaks in a timely fashion, making sure that your retailer finds a resolution as soon as possible. 

5.    Protect the environment 

By conserving water consumption and being able to demonstrate savings over a given time period you will be in a position to bolster your corporate social responsibility statement which could have a number of reputational advantages.

To talk to one of our experts about installing a data logger, please contact us on 03330 433 233.


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